Monday, July 6, 2009


4th of July, 2009....I so look forward to fireworks displays.
I was supposed to work all weekend, but our last patient was sent home Sat morning, so I was called off Sat & Sun night. Ordinarily I hate that, I'd rather work than use my PTO to make up the hours, but I was happy about this one. My neighbors had planned a cook-out and I really wanted to attend. I got to meet 2 more of my neighbors, the newest 2 to move in. Both early to mid 20s guys. Nice enough young men. We cooked out, ate, talked and had a great time.
I left to go meet a co-worker & her son and to watch the fireworks at Redemption Outreach on Haywood Rd. It pays to know the right folks, and we got to go on the roof of a building nearby to watch. I set up my tripod and took some practice shots to get my settings right. This year, I used the remote for all the shots and they turned out so pretty, much better than last year! See the samples..? I love fireworks!! Afterwards, my friend, her son & I went to Stax's & looked at the pics. The blue one posted here was his favorite, so I've had it printed and I've framed it and I'm leaving it at work for her to give to him. I love that kid!
Then yesterday, I went with my neice & her husband to see the house they've put a bid in on. They are so excited. She showed me the pics on the computer of the inside, since we could only see the outside. It is beautiful. Great location, big yard, in a cul-de-sac, beautiful home. I'm going to help her landscape her yard. She's got furniture picked out and when we went back to her house, she showed me what her ideas are. I'm going Thurs with her to drive to Ikea in Charlotte to get some more ideas, then we're going to deep clean her apartment and get it move out ready. I'm so happy for them and so incredibly proud of them! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with them. They're just interesting people to be around. And I love them so much!
What a great weekend!

I love these guys, even if they are nerds!

jamie hyneman and adam savage
Caption is "Nerd Suit, Activate"