Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This and That

Wasted day! I was going to get some much needed housework done today, but woke up at around 3am with a major headache, just a step away from a migraine. Was awake until around 8am, then I basically slept all day.  It's almost gone, now just a mild thump right behind my eyes. What a pain, literally and figuratively. Oh well.
My sister is coming for a visit at the end of the month. I can't wait to see her. I miss her so much! I'm hoping the weather will be nice, and we can enjoy the outside. I have been doing some geneology research and have found a gravesite of an ancestor who migrated here from Germany. I want her to go with me to track it down. She loves this stuff as much as I do (right Kimmy!!??). 
I think I'm going to go all out on my garden this year. I've got seeds to grow corn, soybeans, black eye peas, broccoli, zucchini, squash, spinach, cabbage, carrots and I am going to try onions and garlic too.  I'm going to buy some tomato and eggplant plants too. The eggplant did so well last year. Just call me Farmer Cindy! Gotta hit Home Depot or Lowe's. I love growing my own veggies!