Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Angels

I once saw Angels. I know that sounds nuts, but it's true. I was around 6 and had rode with my dad to take my younger sister to my grandma's to spend the night. My dad was in the yard, standing on the walk talking to my grandma who was standing on the porch, holding the screen door open while my sister was on the floor of the porch, playing with something. It was that part of the late afternoon, when it's not yet dark, but it's coming soon, and the sky has all these beautiful almost sunset colors across it. I tried to get Kim to come out in the yard and play but she wouldn't. I was very hyperactive and was running circles in the yard. I ran to the edge, towards the water tank that was across the street from my grandma's house, when something in the sky caught my eye. I stopped and looked up and there on a fluffy white cloud stood 3 angels. Now, even at my young age, I knew this was not something you normally see but I was awestruck. I couldn't see facial features but they were standing side by side, not facing me straight on but turned slightly to their left. I could see wings and halos and long flowing gowns, and they were bathed in a reddish-orange light from the sunset. As I stood there, they, in unison, raised their hands together, clasped them in a praying position, placed them under their chins, bowed their heads then all 3 slowly lowered to their knees. At this point, I was so thrilled by seeing this I ran across the yard yelling for my dad & grandma to look at the Angels in the sky. I was jumping around, looking at my dad and pointing back behind me, but when I turned and looked, they were gone. I remember a funny look passing between my dad & grandma, almost a frightened look, then my dad looked at my grandma and said...Oh kids and their imaginations. I tried to explain to him and her it wasn't my imagination, that I did see them, but they just dismissed me. I stood in the corner of the yard, hoping they'd come back until we left. I was so mad at my dad for not believing me that I wouldn't even speak to him on the way back home. As soon as we pulled up, I jumped out of the car and ran in and told my mom. She looked shocked and looked at my dad, who again dismissed it as my imagination. I was so upset with them. I know what I saw!
Years later, I had a friend over for dinner and during our conversation, I told him about this. I then picked up my phone and called my dad. I reminded him of this and asked if he remembered it. He said he did. I told him that speaking as an adult, I was telling him that I did see them, that it was real and that moment is still so clear in my memory. He quietly said....I never doubted you. I asked him why, why did you and mom say it was my imagination at the time? My poor dad said, Cindy, we were looking at you having heart surgery the next summer that no one was sure you'd survive. Your mom & I didn't want to think about what you seeing Angels might mean.
That was kind of a kick in the gut. My poor dad and mom, how this must have scared them.
But I did see them and have no doubt they were my guardian Angels.