Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is full of funny coincidences!

I had the funniest thing happen yesterday! I had worked my usual hours Sat night and had gotten off Sun morning, headed home a slept for a few hours. Once awake, I called a friend and met her and her friend out for a late lunch. Once I left the restaurant, I decided to go ramble around the "Old Time Pottery" store. When leaving the store, I noticed a young woman holding a beautiful huge painting that she appeared to be placing in her car. She was parked a few spaces from me and I approached her and told her how beautiful the painting was, she thanked me, then laughed and said she was going to have to return it as it was too large to fit in her car! She says she was so disappointed, as this was perfect for the wall over her couch. I told her that I drive an SUV, and I thought we could easily fit it in my car, then I could follow her to her home. She got so excited about that and asked me if I was sure, and stated she just lived down the road on Roper Mountain Rd. I told her it was no problem, that I would hate to have to return such a gorgeous pic if I were in her shoes. She was literally doing a little dance as I went to pull my car up beside hers. We got most of it in, with it sticking out the back, but secured with bungee cords. I followed her, but the whole time I'm thinking she looked somewhat familiar. We arrived at her apartment complex and detached everything and took the pic out. She thanked me profusely and I told her it was no problem, I was happy to help! I help out my hand to shake hers and said "I'm Cindy, by the way". She shook my hand and replied "I'm Toni". My jaw dropped and I said, OMG, you're Toni C*******! She looked shocked and I said Teresa's daughter, right!! She started laughing and asked how in the world I knew that. I told her that her mom was an old friend of mine and that she, her mom and I were friends on Facebook!! We both started laughing and hugging!! I told her that the last time I saw her, she was still in diapers! Her mom and I had been very good friends and co-workers many, many years ago, but had lost touch once I went back to college in the early 80s. We had just reconnected last summer and met with each other downtown. She asked me what my last name is and I told her--she said she had heard her mom mention me her whole life and tell her how much she always thought of me and what a good friend I had been! She said she was going straight in and call her mom!
Ain't life just funny sometimes??!