Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welome to my world, come on in & have a seat

Enjoying my days off!!! 
I just upgraded my & Kim's cell phones on 1/31. When they came, we couldn't get the new sim cards to work, so we just put the old ones in the new phones--work just fine. Then, a few days ago, I dropped mine and shattered the LED screen--CRAP!! This was during my last set of days on, so I knew I probably couldn't do anything about it til Fri morn. I got home Thurs morn and slept til 3pm, but really didn't feel like doing anything about it then. However, I had an e-mail from AT&T, something about steps to follow to update my upgrade. So, I went on line and followed the instructions. Guess what???!!! I upgraded the cards, so now I have to use the new sim card. Not a problem for me, but Kim has no phone service at all. She has the new card, but she & Alan are traveling and it's packed up somewhere in the camper. So, I go into the AT&T store on Fri to see about replacing my phone and "fixing" Kim's. However, because I have insurance, I have to go through them to get my phone replaced. And, once the card is updated, it can't be undone. So, I called in insurance company, phone is on the way, I had Kim added as an authorized user--so she can go get a new sim card in case she can't locate the other one. Kewl, all taken care of!
Met Court & Joe for dinner Fri night. Always great to spend time with them. 
My new TV, stand, and surround sound system all arrived at Weezie's--her parents always let me have big stuff sent to their house since they're always home to sign for them. So, I'm trying to get the old stuff taken down so the new stuff can go up. Now that's a pain! Think I'm going to offer the old entertainment center on Craig's List for free.
And last of all, I'm very excited about submitting pics to 2 on-line photo contests. Some great prizes are being offered, and although I really don't think I'll win, it's exciting to be participating!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm ooooollllllldddddd

OMG, my niece is 21 today! 21!!!!!!!!!!!
We had dinner, cake & ice cream at her place tonight. It just doesn't seem that long since she was a newborn--good natured, always happy and smiling-- then a toddler and one of her fav things to do was watch me catch ladybugs and let them walk across my hand, then hers. That would just delight her to no end. What happened to me putting her up on the counter so she could help me cook? To me and her spending the weekend together, going to the zoo, the park then climbing out on the rocks and sitting in the middle of the falls eating sandwiches? She's grown into such a lovely, intelligent young woman. Open-minded, caring, has her head and her life together. Newly married to such a wonderful young man who we all love dearly. I'm so proud of her and who she's become. But every now and then, I'd love to have one more weekend with her at 5, or 8, or 10.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wonky Eye

I just like the word "wonky". But I do have a problem with my eye. I had a coughing fit 
(allergies?) 2 nights ago. I was on my way to bed, and it stopped by the time I got up stairs. After I got into bed, my left eye started itching and feeling like there was something in it, which goes along with my allergies. I kept rubbing it but it started hurting, so I left it alone. I dunno if I scratched in my sleep or not. I woke up yesterday morning and it was really hurting and I could tell it was swollen. I got up and checked it out in the mirror and it was bloody. My first thought was pink eye and I went downstairs to put in some drops from the last pink eye episode. Only, it didn't burn like crazy like it usually does. I hit the recliner to wait for my sister to come over and it just kept feeling weirder and weirder. I got up after 30 mins or so and and the white part of my eye was swollen, bagging and hanging over my lower lid. This scared me and I called Kim and asked here to come on so she could drive me to the doc. I went and got some ice, if it works for other swollen stuff, should work for eyeballs too, right?! By the time Kim got here, the swelling was almost completely gone. I wouldn't go to the doc b/c my vision wasn't affected and it had stopped hurting. Boy does it look bad tho. I think I ruptured a blood vessel during the coughing fit and rubbing it once I went to bed just made it bleed more.It looks better today...not great, but better. I now have some bruising under my left eye and a small reddish streak down my cheek, that will probably be bruising by tomorrow. Look at the pic. I included one with both eyes so you can compare.