Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Th Rain Storm

I'm the kind of person who always has my inner child close to the surface. I think thats why kids like me so much. I can reconnect easily with the child I once was to relate to them. As one friend's niece put it one day, while talking to her cousin " Miss Cindy is the funnest girl in the world!"
Now, as a child, I loved to go out in the rain. I'd run around with my face to the sky, loving the feeling of the fresh rain upon my face. Wet hair, wet clothes--didn't bother me! I got into trouble more than once for sneaking outside to play in the rain.
I swing shifts to a degree and one day I was working 1st shift. It came time for me to leave but a monster storm hit about the time I was ready to go. I work in a hospital so I stood at the front desk chatting with the concierge and security guard, waiting for the rain to let up so I could dash for my car. It just kept getting worse. I looked around for something I could cover with to not get wet but the only thing I found was an extra trash bag that housekeeping had left behind. I thought, might as well and I pulled it over my head. Now this was a clear thin plastic bag, so I could see through it, and it came to my knees but, even though the other 2 laughed at the way I looked (basically like I was wearing a giant condom) I decided it was perfect. I headed out the door. The wind was blasting the trees to one side and no matter how fast I went, I was soaked from the knees down in about 2 secs. I stopped for a second and thought...wth. I yanked that bag off, I jumped into every puddle with both feet and laughed all the way to my car. For those few seconds, I was 10 years old again. No worries, no mortgage, car loan or bills to worry about, just the pure enjoyment of being in the moment. It felt so good. My shoes were so wet that they were squishing with each step. I was soaked thoroughly. If any of the patients or staff were looking out their window, they would have pegged me as nuts. But I didn't care. I got home, took a shower, put on my jammies and thought about how wonderful life is, if you just sometimes let go and let yourself be a child again!  

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Lavada said...

Darlin' you are sooooo right. I still go out and play with my grandkids- just like I played with my kids and my siblings and cousins when I was a child. And splashing in the rain and puddles is soooo much fun!! And so is crawling around in the grass and dirt and mud playing lazer tag. At the end of the day... It's only a bit of Mother Nature that you can wash off and dry off at the end of the play, so why the heck not!!! Live Like there was no one watching- and there is no tomorrow!!! <3 <3 <3